The Eremite Triptych

The three Arisen sneack into the Roman’s camp. Ti’a stabs one in the back and takes him out. Shen hits one with is staff and knocks him out. Samehd touches one and infects him with a nasty disease.

Shen knocks down the leader who is wearing a bracer, with a sweep to his feet. Samehd threatens him then inflicts him with the disease as well.

Once all the Romans are secured or dead, they question the leader. He tells the Arisen that he did everything for the Brotherhood of the Black Star and to bring Immael power. Immael didn’t name the Arisen’s tomb specifically he just knew the power he seeks was in the valley. The roman tells the Arisen that the relics they seek have been taken to Rome through Cairo.

The Arisen reclaim their vestiges. Ti’a gets back her wooden doll with the rope joints and a finely carved face. Shen finds his sigil and Samehd locates the bracelet he owns. Then they return to the cart and their cultists. They instruct some of the cultists to return the items to their tomb and they head to Cairo.

They arrive in darkness. The cultists set up camp outside the city and guard the Roman while the Arisen head to Abed’s Manor for the night.

After a comfortable night of sleep and some meditation to regain power, the Arisen return to the camp outside the city. Samehd and Shen create a cure for the roman after discovering he was near death. Then the entire group returned to Abed’s Manor.

The Roman had said that the relics were being taken to a merchant named Mesha for transport to Rome. Abed gave the Arisen a description of Mesha and directions to his place of business.

They arrive at the teamster’s shop to discover a young Roman and a young Egyptian man wearing a toga speaking quietly to each other. When Samehd asks to speak with Mesha, the Roman claims the young Egyptian is the man he seeks. Shen keeps the two men occupied with questions while Samehd and Ti’a look around.

After spying a body in the back room, Ti’a exits the shop. Then she swims through the wall using one of her powers. The body matches the description of the old man that Abed had given them. His throat had been slashed and a 3rd degree burn in the shape of a circle was visible on one of his arms. He was clearly dead so Ti’a began searching for a shipping manifest. She found a scroll listing that several packages were being shipped to Rome on board Phoebous’ Chariot. She pocketed the scroll and exits back through the wall.

She returns through the front door just as the Roman entered the back room. He returns shortly to say that he found an old man who was obviously drunk and had fallen and died back there. Ti’a could tell that the Roman had magic to change Mesha’s cause of death from a slit throat to a fall. Samehd summoned a ghost to follow the Roman when he left the shop.

Next the Arisen went in search of the ship listed on the shipping manifest. At the docks, Ti’a gave a street urchin two small coins and asked him for information. He ran off without telling them a word. She found another street rat and offered him one coin in advance and another if the information he gave was sufficient to meet her needs. The kid, named Aziz, said that Phoebus’ Chariot wasn’t a ship. It was a flying chariot. It left just before dawn that morning. It was carrying a large crate. When the chariot took off, the driver’s head was shrouded in shadow and his eyes turned completely black. Aziz led the Arisen to the dock to show them the burn marks that occurred when the chariot launched Ti’a pays the child two coins then the group returns to Abed’s.

At sunset, Samehd’s ghost returns. He has a message from the Roman he had been sent to follow. The Roman’s & his friends, wish to meet with the three that had come into Mesha’s shop. They want to meet at a bar and will wait there all night.

The Arisen head to the bar. Inside they see the Roman that the ghost had followed, the Egyptian that claimed to be Mesha and a woman of classical Greek beauty. The Roman introduces himself as Scaevello, the Egyptian as Marduk and the woman as Stheno.

Scaevello, Marduk and Stheno claim that they are against the Brotherhood. They admitted to killing Mesha for working for a demon. The demon he worked for is named Immael and the Fraternitas Stellan Negray wants to awaken him. The Brotherhood needs a lot of powerful magic items to awaken Immael. The more power they give him to wake up, the more powerful he will be from the start. The items they stole contain raw power. They need to sacrifice this raw power of the relics and any magical creatures they can find along with the blood of a true king to awaken the demon.

Scaevello and Stheno say they represent the Eyes of the Dragon. They keep their eyes open to the happenings of magic and protect the humans from it. Marduk represents the Talon of the Dragon. He kills the things that would hurt humanity.

The Arisen decide to work with the three and plan to head to Rome immediately. Stheno says she can get the group to Rome overnight. She instructs them to meet her at a specific location in the morning.


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