The Eremite Triptych

Invaders have entered the tomb and started taking items. Some Cultists awaken Ti’a and Samehd. Ti’a walks through the closed door using one of her powers and hits the intruder on the other side. He tries to run away but she hits him in the chest caving it in. She takes the figurine from his hands.

Samehd drops a man in front of Ti’a and asks her to take care of him while he goes after more intruders.Her directs her to break everything in his body to keep him from running. She breaks his legs. The guy is already suffering from the disease Samehd inflicted him with. Samehd also called forth some ghosts and sent them to haunt the escaping invaders.

Meanwhile Shen, a Sesha-Hebsu, is awoken when a man grabs a ceramic container from his tomb. Shen swings his staff at the guy. The guy runs but Shen uses a power to fill the room with smoke. Shen hits him again with his staff and another invader chokes on the smoke.

The rest of the invaders escape but the three Arisen question the one that Samehd captured. He tells them that the Fraternitas Stellen Negray (The Brotherhood of the Black Star) sent them to enter the tombs in the valley and steal everything that they could. They were told that only dead bodies inhabited the tombs. An Immael, in Rome, was the one who actually gave the order to rob the tombs.

The cultists take time to dress their gods and then the gods meditate for a while to regain power.

Next they investigate their tombs and the others in the valley to discover what was taken. Ti’a was able to tell that a half dozen of her items were taken north-west. They find several of their cultists’ bodies so Samehd sends them to their great reward. They also discover that several powerful relics were taken. Among these were three key items:

The Scroll of Sutekh’s Army
This item summons an army from Sutekh. The Scribes, the Sesha-Hebus, use blood to all the army. Others die when they try to use it.

The Horse of Bast
A Panther statue that becomes the fastest form or transportation. The Tradition of Effigy, the Tef-Aabhi, can use it at a cost to their sanity but any others who try to use it go completely insane.

The Cloak of Anpu
This cloak allows the Priests, the Su Menent, to enter and exit the Underworld. Others can use it to enter the Underworld but they have to find their own way out.

Samehd discovered that the invaders sent one group to enter and secure the tombs and then a second group came in and grabbed the relics. Both Samehd and Shen could tell that the second group used supernatural power within the tombs.

The Arisen set out on foot to search for the relics. Some cultists followed at a safe distance in a wagon. Ti’a was able to track the invaders. It took them a day and a half to find their camp.

The Arisen snuck closer to take a better look. Ti’s was able to locate the vestiges from their own tomb but the relics weren’t there. Shen pinpoints the leader and shares the information with the others. They decide to attack.


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