It starts in Rome, in the final months of Julius Caesar. A great evil is released, and it will torment the world for over 2000 years.

But you have no need to fear – you are one of the Arisen, the direct servants of the Death Judges of the Nameless Empire. Given a form of immortality and even the slightest bit of your God’s power, you have what you need to chase this evil through the years until you can finally end it.

This is a Mummy: the Curse chronicle intended to pass through several millennia, as characters awaken at key points in the story with immense power.

In real life, this game will take place on Thursdays, from 7 to 10 PM.

Why Eremite?
An eremite is a hermit or recluse, particularly one who is in that state due to a religious vow. The Arisen, while not particularly hermit-like or reclusive, remain separate from humanity due to the devotion they gave to the god-like beings they serve.

Why Triptych?
This is a campaign that takes place in three acts, with each act divided into two lesser acts. The first act takes place in ancient Rome, and then in the early Dark Ages.
The second act takes place in Victorian England, and then in 1920s America.
The third act takes place in Cairo, during the Egyptian revolution of 2011, and then . . . well, that’s a secret.

What is a Mummy?
For the purposes of this game, a Mummy is a person from the Nameless Empire, an empire that Egypt was built from the ashes of. They were servants of powerful godlike beings, who rewarded them with a form of immortality.

While not living forever, the Arisen (as they sometimes call themselves) live and die and live again, in a state forever between life and death. They awaken flush with divine power, but over time that power dissipates. Normally, each time they awaken, they have a purpose, and by serving their purpose they can extend this brief period of existence for longer periods of time.

They have seen empires fall, kings forced to be paupers, and the humblest rise to power. Many creatures practice magic, but the Arisen are magic – it suffuses their forms and minds for all time.

The Eremite Triptych

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