The Eremite Triptych

The Battle of the Century, well a battle anyway
Sticks and Stones Can Definitely Hurt

The Arisen decide to go after the Amkhat that night and ask for Lupo’s assistance in hope of getting one of his kinfolk as bait. Shen presents it as the Arisen going to their neighborhood to protect them. Lupo tells Shen & Ti’a that some of his people live in the gladiatorial district. He also tells them that he’s learned the Koesh’s name – Serqab Ahasu meaning scorpion heart/bull body.

As the Arisen enter the gladiatorial area, they see a gladiator approach some groupies, select one and escort her away. A short while later they sense something supernatural about two blocks away. They ran and see it attack the gladiator’s companion. Ti’a activates the utterance of Dust Beneath My Feet and becomes a giant stone moving statue. She attacks the creature causing it damage. It retaliates and hits her back. Then Shen attacks it with his staff. Someone else rushes out of the alley and grabs the creatures head. His hold allows Shen & Ti’a to take it out quickly. When it went still, Ti’a rips its’ head off.

The man who joined the fight introduces himself as Samesh-dem. He’s another Arisen. His cultist moved his tomb to Rome because he’s instructed them to make sure he is relocated to the most important city of the current times. He’s interested in helping the trio take out Antonius but he doesn’t want to be known to the other supernatural in the city. He hangs out around the gladiatorial district.

Shen & Ti’a return to the tavern to sleep.

Next Day
Ti’a suggests they hire someone to watch the temple of Baal. Shen suggests they recruit cultists. They decide to go to the slave market to purchase an Egyptian. They purchase Talib, an Egyptian man of letters. He says he chose to become a slave in order to see the world. Ti’a uses “The Gift of Truth” so he becomes a witness to and unfazed by the Arisen for the day at least. He agrees to do the tasks the Arisen assign to him and offer to speed up their cultist travel to Rome.

Shen & Ti’a head to Senator Lupo’s house to tutor Aesinia. Lupo is okay with them telling his daughter what they are but when they meet with her, she states she already knows they aren’t normal. Mother Luna gave her dreams that they have ridden the Death Wolf many times.

After the lesson, Shen gets information about Caesar from Aesinia and drops subtle hints about wanting to meet him.

Leaders of the Pact
Membership Without the Binding Oath

Aesinia wins the sparring match and then she joins her father. He introduces her to the Arisen as Atticus, Amelia and Gaius. She’s a bit snotty about having to learn Persian but her father insists she learn. Shen invites Lupo to sit in on the lesson.

As part of the lesson, Shen inserts words of a mythological nature to see how Lupo reacts and tries to decipher which side of the fence Lupo is on. Lupo leaves before the lesson ends.

After the lesson, the Arisen return to the Tavern to wait until their meeting with Massiato and the Pact later that night.

They meet Massiato in the sewers. He leads them on a very circuitous route so they’ll have a difficult time finding their way out or back.

They enter a room filled with a lot of people. Felix and Senator Lupo are there. Felix is sitting with a swarthy gentleman with a beard holding a staff with trinkets hanging from it. Massiato heads to an area with a woman dressed in noble robes. The man near Felix introduces himself as Marrud, the Grand Hierarch of the mages of Rome. He says Senator Lupo holds a similar position for the werewolves and he says Lucinia, the woman next to Massiato, is the Prince of the Camarilla, a similar position to theirs. He says he sees magic in the three Arisen, but not like his or Lupo’s.

There’s another group of six people in the room. Their leader is a woman dressed more provocatively than Lucinia. Marrud introduces her as Sadera, the current Queen of the Fairy Courts. They are the newest faction of the Pact.

Shen explains how the three Arisen have learned about the Pact and are interested in joining.

Lucinia says that they created the organization because there are too many supernatural in the city. The Pact stops trouble from occurring between groups and they help each other. She explains that there are gods attacking the changelings, Mages fighting Mages, werewolves fighting werewolves to destroy the city. She says the Brotherhood of the Black Star is bringing them these bad groups in.

Lupo says that the Brotherhood has access to a Koesh. What he describes is known to the Arisen as an Amkhat, a creature that is anathema to their gods and that the Judges want them to kill. Lupo explains that if the Brotherhood sacrifices a human, the creature will manifest briefly. They are using it to kill his people’s blood kin.

Lupo and some of his warriors have killed Antonius but he came back to life angrier.

The leaders of the Pact decide that they need to determine which faction the Arisen should belong too. The trio states that they would have a problem taking an oath of subservience. The leaders say the oath of the Pact is not one of subservience but of equality and support. The Pact is also for creating a strong Rome. They ask the Arisen no to undermine that goal even though steps are being made through diplomacy for Rome to acquire Egypt. The Arisen agree to work with Lucinia’s faction. Then Marrud has them recite an oath. He uses magic to bind them but their death Judges prevent it from actually binding unbeknownst to Marrud and the others.

Afterward, Lucinia says her main problem in the city is with the Juliai. They wish to be the leaders of Rome. She also has an issue with Antonius’ connection with the Stricts who want to destroy all vampires.

Sadera says the changelings don’t have enemies of that kind but she doesn’t want a demon awoken. She says the King who will take the power from her in one month’s time is more militant. Summer is the time for war and his name is King Regulus.

Lupo’s problems come from a group of his kind called the Pure. They take offense at all the advancements humankind has made.

Marrud’s people have two threats. One is a group of mages called Secundus that want to keep all magic secret from humanity. The other threat, called the Nephandis, wish to destroy everything.

All of these factions are united with Antonius. The Pact plans on backing Julius Caesar. He has the will of the people and they believe he is the chosen of the gods, Jupiter and Mars. The Pact believes Rome should have one leader. The Senate stands in Caesar’s way. The Pact hopes that their influence will motivate Caesar into taking down the Senate.

The Arisen say that they can be most useful by hunting down the Koesh.

Who's Who in Rome
What's the lay of the land?

The Arisen arrange for some of their cultists to research the three mages. Others will travel and meet them in Rome. Shen asks for a quick lesson on currency and prices from his cultists.

The next day they meet Scaevello, Marduk and Stheno at the appointed place. There is a circle surrounded by symbols painted on a wall. Ti’a touches it and uses her Model of Live Web power to discern that it’s going to be used to open a portal to travel through. Stheno says she’ll be travelling with the three. Then she casts a spell and the portal opens. The Arisen follow her through. They are greeted by a horrible stench, heat and humidity. There are two men in the room they enter. One of them is really pale white and his hair is reddish. The other guy looks Egyptian. Stheno introduces them as Felix and Persecus.

They tell the Arisen what’s going on in Rome. Caesar took control of the city and extended voting rights to everyone. He installed “The Fire Watch” so that the community is responsible for making sure that a fire doesn’t break out in the city.

Felix describes himself as a barbarian – one of the Gaels. That’s why he has an accent. He also tells us that there are rumors that some of the senators are members of the Brotherhood. He knows of the Antonius that the Arisen seek. His whereabouts are unknown but they know he is connected to the Juliai. The Juliai are a group of vampires. He also gets help from some men who walk as wolves.

Felix offers to get the trio set up with housing. He leads them through Rome stopping occasionally to say hello to people who give him money. He tells the Arisen that those people are his patrons. They occasionally ask favors of him. He leads the Arisen to a tavern and directs them to three rooms upstairs. He arranges to meet with them the next morning.

Once the Arisen are alone, Ti’a suggests that Samehd call a ghost to search for Antonius. Shen suggests the ghosts should also get information on the walking dead and the wolf-men. Samehd calls forth a spirit. The ghost agrees but asks him to claim his body from the sewer and bury it. Samehd agrees. The ghost gives him the location of the body then leaves on his quest.

Shen goes off to learn about the city while Ti’a joins Samehd in his search for the body. They pass men in armor, see graffiti on the walls and pass beggars and prostitutes. Enter the sewer at the designated location and find the body. It’s being eaten by large rats. They try to chase the rats away but they won’t budge. One starts to approach Samehd. He kicks at it and causes it to crawl away. The other rats follow. The pair hear a raspy voice from the shadows ask, “Why did you do that?” Then a small form steps out. It’s wrapped in rags and looks starved. Samehd tells him that it was going to attack him and he can’t have rats eating the body.

The form says his name is Massiato and that the pair is different – not part of the pact. He says the rats are his servants. He feed them his blood. Although the pact says the bodies that fall in the sewer should remain there, he will let the Arisen take it if they agree to come back and speak with him.

Meanwhile Shen wanders around the market place using a power to find murderers to see if any of them are mages, to get familiar with the city and find something interesting to eat. He sees a few murderers. He finds one that is supernatural and that his morality is not human. This man has a red band around one sleeve and many defer to him. Shen follows one of the people that talks to that man and learns that his name is Senator Lupo. Lupo is one of the Senators that welcome Caesar. His daughter, Aesinia, is in one of Caesar’s closer circles. Senator Lupo hands out money to some people and other men with red bands on their arms talk to him but seem leery of him.

Shen approaches Lupo and introduces himself as Atticus. Lupo surreptitiously sniffs him. Shen asks for his patronage. Lupo asks for lesion in Persian for his daughter in exchange. Shen agrees to go to Lupo’s house the next day.

After Samehd and Ti’a bury the body, they see a Temple of Azar’s Wife (Osiris & Isis). They discuss returning to the temple at a later time.

Back at the tavern, the ghost returns. He tells the Arisen he couldn’t find Antonius but he did find a group of vampires under the senate. One of them no longer has any human in him. They spoke in high Latin and talked about what they were going to do about Caesar.

The Arisen head to Persecus and Felix’s house. Ti’a helps Shen convince Persecus to speak Persian to them for an hour. He recites an epic poem and the Arisen quickly learn the language. After that they return to the sewer with Shen to speak with Massiato.

Massiato tells them about the Pact. It’s for supernatural only. Rome is a city of over 500,000. The architects are building to house more. Many non-living come to the city as well. The Pact was created to let them all cohabitate. The Brotherhood of the Black Star is threatening the Pact. Many have left the Pact to join the cult. The cult is trying to awaken Immael who will empower Antonius. His power will let the werewolves destroy everything. The vampires hope the power will be shared. Antonius is not human. He’s been in Rome for three years. He kills vampires against the Brotherhood. Shen asks how his trio can join the Pact. Massiato agrees to begin the process for them. It includes giving charms to people the Pact doesn’t want the vampires to feed off of.

Massiato says the vampires the ghost found under the sewers are part of the Brotherhood. The human senate fears an emperor. The vampire senate wishes to choose and groom the emperor. Hey do not choose Caesar. He’s too independent plus he’s made decisions that they don’t like, like taking power from the senate and giving it to the populace. Caesar is human but like all great leaders, people claim that he is wolf blooded.

Massiato’s clan works as eyes & ears for the Pact. They can use animals to get information. They’ve been searching for Antonius.

The Pact’s leaders included members from each of the factions – walking dead, magi, wolf men and fae. The Arisen must meet them to join the Pact and they must join one of the factions. 40 years ago a man shaped out of clay came. He joined the dead but had to leave when things started to go wrong around him.

The arisen arrange to meet Massiato the next night to learn what the Pact says about their petition. Shen suggests they each use an assumed name. He already chose Atticus. Ti’a chooses Amelia and Samehd selects Gaius.

They return to the tavern to sleep. Shen uses a power to give the trio’s contacts dreams so they will interact favorably with the Arisen. Before they sleep, the ghost returns. He thinks he’d discovered Antonius’ location. Antonius is like the Arisen but different. What he describes is a Deceived. The ghost can’t get to Antonius behind a wall at the temple of Baal, a desert cow god.

Next Day
The Arisen explore the city. Ti’a is amazed at the architecture like the aqueducts. Shen is still in search of new food. They also take time to visit the Temple of Isis.

The Temple is filled with lots of Roman Women. Their rituals are close but not what the Arisen expected. The priestess is holding a staff that’s a relic. Shen can tell that she’s not human. Her morality is similar to Lupo’s. There are many scorpions, a sign of Isis, running around the temple. The Arisen pay their respects to the goddess using their own rituals. The priestess smiles at their archaic acts.

Later that day they head to Senator Lupo’s home. Lupo is well-built and has a thick beard. Lupo answer’s Samehd’s question by saying that his daughter needs to learn Persian because she may be travelling to that country as a diplomat.

The Arisen’s first glimpse of Aesinia is of her dueling with a man as large as her father. The man is fighting with a sword and she is using a staff. Shen tells his friends that she’s like her father. Her opponent is mortal.

Death to the Infidels! Most of Them Anyway.
Getting Information and Gaining Allies

The three Arisen sneack into the Roman’s camp. Ti’a stabs one in the back and takes him out. Shen hits one with is staff and knocks him out. Samehd touches one and infects him with a nasty disease.

Shen knocks down the leader who is wearing a bracer, with a sweep to his feet. Samehd threatens him then inflicts him with the disease as well.

Once all the Romans are secured or dead, they question the leader. He tells the Arisen that he did everything for the Brotherhood of the Black Star and to bring Immael power. Immael didn’t name the Arisen’s tomb specifically he just knew the power he seeks was in the valley. The roman tells the Arisen that the relics they seek have been taken to Rome through Cairo.

The Arisen reclaim their vestiges. Ti’a gets back her wooden doll with the rope joints and a finely carved face. Shen finds his sigil and Samehd locates the bracelet he owns. Then they return to the cart and their cultists. They instruct some of the cultists to return the items to their tomb and they head to Cairo.

They arrive in darkness. The cultists set up camp outside the city and guard the Roman while the Arisen head to Abed’s Manor for the night.

After a comfortable night of sleep and some meditation to regain power, the Arisen return to the camp outside the city. Samehd and Shen create a cure for the roman after discovering he was near death. Then the entire group returned to Abed’s Manor.

The Roman had said that the relics were being taken to a merchant named Mesha for transport to Rome. Abed gave the Arisen a description of Mesha and directions to his place of business.

They arrive at the teamster’s shop to discover a young Roman and a young Egyptian man wearing a toga speaking quietly to each other. When Samehd asks to speak with Mesha, the Roman claims the young Egyptian is the man he seeks. Shen keeps the two men occupied with questions while Samehd and Ti’a look around.

After spying a body in the back room, Ti’a exits the shop. Then she swims through the wall using one of her powers. The body matches the description of the old man that Abed had given them. His throat had been slashed and a 3rd degree burn in the shape of a circle was visible on one of his arms. He was clearly dead so Ti’a began searching for a shipping manifest. She found a scroll listing that several packages were being shipped to Rome on board Phoebous’ Chariot. She pocketed the scroll and exits back through the wall.

She returns through the front door just as the Roman entered the back room. He returns shortly to say that he found an old man who was obviously drunk and had fallen and died back there. Ti’a could tell that the Roman had magic to change Mesha’s cause of death from a slit throat to a fall. Samehd summoned a ghost to follow the Roman when he left the shop.

Next the Arisen went in search of the ship listed on the shipping manifest. At the docks, Ti’a gave a street urchin two small coins and asked him for information. He ran off without telling them a word. She found another street rat and offered him one coin in advance and another if the information he gave was sufficient to meet her needs. The kid, named Aziz, said that Phoebus’ Chariot wasn’t a ship. It was a flying chariot. It left just before dawn that morning. It was carrying a large crate. When the chariot took off, the driver’s head was shrouded in shadow and his eyes turned completely black. Aziz led the Arisen to the dock to show them the burn marks that occurred when the chariot launched Ti’a pays the child two coins then the group returns to Abed’s.

At sunset, Samehd’s ghost returns. He has a message from the Roman he had been sent to follow. The Roman’s & his friends, wish to meet with the three that had come into Mesha’s shop. They want to meet at a bar and will wait there all night.

The Arisen head to the bar. Inside they see the Roman that the ghost had followed, the Egyptian that claimed to be Mesha and a woman of classical Greek beauty. The Roman introduces himself as Scaevello, the Egyptian as Marduk and the woman as Stheno.

Scaevello, Marduk and Stheno claim that they are against the Brotherhood. They admitted to killing Mesha for working for a demon. The demon he worked for is named Immael and the Fraternitas Stellan Negray wants to awaken him. The Brotherhood needs a lot of powerful magic items to awaken Immael. The more power they give him to wake up, the more powerful he will be from the start. The items they stole contain raw power. They need to sacrifice this raw power of the relics and any magical creatures they can find along with the blood of a true king to awaken the demon.

Scaevello and Stheno say they represent the Eyes of the Dragon. They keep their eyes open to the happenings of magic and protect the humans from it. Marduk represents the Talon of the Dragon. He kills the things that would hurt humanity.

The Arisen decide to work with the three and plan to head to Rome immediately. Stheno says she can get the group to Rome overnight. She instructs them to meet her at a specific location in the morning.

The Adventure Begins
The Tomb is Invaded

Invaders have entered the tomb and started taking items. Some Cultists awaken Ti’a and Samehd. Ti’a walks through the closed door using one of her powers and hits the intruder on the other side. He tries to run away but she hits him in the chest caving it in. She takes the figurine from his hands.

Samehd drops a man in front of Ti’a and asks her to take care of him while he goes after more intruders.Her directs her to break everything in his body to keep him from running. She breaks his legs. The guy is already suffering from the disease Samehd inflicted him with. Samehd also called forth some ghosts and sent them to haunt the escaping invaders.

Meanwhile Shen, a Sesha-Hebsu, is awoken when a man grabs a ceramic container from his tomb. Shen swings his staff at the guy. The guy runs but Shen uses a power to fill the room with smoke. Shen hits him again with his staff and another invader chokes on the smoke.

The rest of the invaders escape but the three Arisen question the one that Samehd captured. He tells them that the Fraternitas Stellen Negray (The Brotherhood of the Black Star) sent them to enter the tombs in the valley and steal everything that they could. They were told that only dead bodies inhabited the tombs. An Immael, in Rome, was the one who actually gave the order to rob the tombs.

The cultists take time to dress their gods and then the gods meditate for a while to regain power.

Next they investigate their tombs and the others in the valley to discover what was taken. Ti’a was able to tell that a half dozen of her items were taken north-west. They find several of their cultists’ bodies so Samehd sends them to their great reward. They also discover that several powerful relics were taken. Among these were three key items:

The Scroll of Sutekh’s Army
This item summons an army from Sutekh. The Scribes, the Sesha-Hebus, use blood to all the army. Others die when they try to use it.

The Horse of Bast
A Panther statue that becomes the fastest form or transportation. The Tradition of Effigy, the Tef-Aabhi, can use it at a cost to their sanity but any others who try to use it go completely insane.

The Cloak of Anpu
This cloak allows the Priests, the Su Menent, to enter and exit the Underworld. Others can use it to enter the Underworld but they have to find their own way out.

Samehd discovered that the invaders sent one group to enter and secure the tombs and then a second group came in and grabbed the relics. Both Samehd and Shen could tell that the second group used supernatural power within the tombs.

The Arisen set out on foot to search for the relics. Some cultists followed at a safe distance in a wagon. Ti’a was able to track the invaders. It took them a day and a half to find their camp.

The Arisen snuck closer to take a better look. Ti’s was able to locate the vestiges from their own tomb but the relics weren’t there. Shen pinpoints the leader and shares the information with the others. They decide to attack.

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