The Eremite Triptych

The Battle of the Century, well a battle anyway

Sticks and Stones Can Definitely Hurt

The Arisen decide to go after the Amkhat that night and ask for Lupo’s assistance in hope of getting one of his kinfolk as bait. Shen presents it as the Arisen going to their neighborhood to protect them. Lupo tells Shen & Ti’a that some of his people live in the gladiatorial district. He also tells them that he’s learned the Koesh’s name – Serqab Ahasu meaning scorpion heart/bull body.

As the Arisen enter the gladiatorial area, they see a gladiator approach some groupies, select one and escort her away. A short while later they sense something supernatural about two blocks away. They ran and see it attack the gladiator’s companion. Ti’a activates the utterance of Dust Beneath My Feet and becomes a giant stone moving statue. She attacks the creature causing it damage. It retaliates and hits her back. Then Shen attacks it with his staff. Someone else rushes out of the alley and grabs the creatures head. His hold allows Shen & Ti’a to take it out quickly. When it went still, Ti’a rips its’ head off.

The man who joined the fight introduces himself as Samesh-dem. He’s another Arisen. His cultist moved his tomb to Rome because he’s instructed them to make sure he is relocated to the most important city of the current times. He’s interested in helping the trio take out Antonius but he doesn’t want to be known to the other supernatural in the city. He hangs out around the gladiatorial district.

Shen & Ti’a return to the tavern to sleep.

Next Day
Ti’a suggests they hire someone to watch the temple of Baal. Shen suggests they recruit cultists. They decide to go to the slave market to purchase an Egyptian. They purchase Talib, an Egyptian man of letters. He says he chose to become a slave in order to see the world. Ti’a uses “The Gift of Truth” so he becomes a witness to and unfazed by the Arisen for the day at least. He agrees to do the tasks the Arisen assign to him and offer to speed up their cultist travel to Rome.

Shen & Ti’a head to Senator Lupo’s house to tutor Aesinia. Lupo is okay with them telling his daughter what they are but when they meet with her, she states she already knows they aren’t normal. Mother Luna gave her dreams that they have ridden the Death Wolf many times.

After the lesson, Shen gets information about Caesar from Aesinia and drops subtle hints about wanting to meet him.


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